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Every bride wants to have a special wedding day. That’s why she scouts the most beautiful venue, looks for the perfect dress and does all sorts of things to make her wedding day memorable and unique. Birmingham is a great place for a wedding because it offers a lot of choices for the bride and groom. Wedding venues Birmingham are diverse and could fit any bride’s budget.

Since a huge bulk of the wedding budget goes into the wedding venue, it is natural that the bride would try to find wedding venues that offer the best deals. Here’s a guide on how to spot a good deal.

1. Look for wedding venues that are newly renovated or are newly put up. New wedding venues have not yet built their reputation so they might offer a discount for couple who have their wedding there. The risk is that the caterers and the wedding staff might not be as well experienced as other more established wedding venues so take this into account as well.

2. Most wedding venues Birmingham want to get you to have your wedding with them. Don’t be afraid to haggle and ask for a discount. But don’t ask for too much discount. You wouldn’t want to have a less than spectacular wedding now, would you?

3. Ask the wedding coordinator for places they can recommend. Wedding coordinators, especially seasoned ones have a network of wedding contacts that could help you with your budget. They can give you the names of the places that they feel will best fit your budget and could even get you a discount if you tell the venue that your wedding coordinator recommended them.

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